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Wether you need basic pet advice or extensive training and behavioral help, we're here for you and your pet. You'll always know beforehand what you're getting, what will happen next, and how much it will cost. 

We take a personalized approach based on your individual needs instead of "one-size-fits-all."

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Behavior evaluation and INTERVENTIOn for dogs and cats

The first step if you have a serious issue or set of challenges that you haven't been able to resolve on your own or with the help of others. We'll take the time to get your complete history with your pet's health, home environment, and relationships with other members of your family. We'll also discuss specific problem triggers and recommended solutions, both short-term and long-term. We have three options:

  • Our Full Consultation ($550) includes one 90-minute evaluation in our Portland office, three 60-minute follow-up sessions, a detailed written individualized behavior modification plan and diagnostic report, and phone/email support for up to six months. 

  • Our Standard Consultation ($350) includes one 90-minute evaluation in our Portland office, a detailed written individualized behavior modification plan and diagnostic report, and phone/email support for six months. Follow-up sessions are available separately. 

  • Our Basic Consultation ($225) is a single two-hour evaluation and training session in our Portland office and two months of phone/email support. Basic training tutorials will be provided for some cases. Follow-up sessions are available separately.   

  • Follow-up training and behavior modification sessions are available for $100/hour.

  • In-home behavior evaluations available on a limited basis for an additional travel fee of $60.

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BASIC CUE training for dogs and cats

For dog and cat guardians that just want to work on marker/clicker training, luring, shaping, cues, and tricks we offer Basic Training for $75/hour in office. ‚ÄčDay Training is available on a limited basis (please inquire about pricing).


Puppy and kitten kindergartens


Want to get your puppy or kitten off to the right start? We offer puppy kindergarten and kitten kindergarten in conjunction with Wildwood Veterinary Clinic. Our kindergartens are beginner-level courses for puppies, kittens, and their guardians that cover socialization, positive reinforcement cue training, basic manners, and everything you'll need to set your puppy or kitten up for success. 

  • Great for kittens between seven and 12 weeks of age; great for puppies between eight and 16 weeks of age.

  • $250 for a six-class course (paid in advance).

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