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The Mega Hearts Manifesto

We're pretty passionate about how our animal companions should be treated. Here are some of the key principles that guide us in addressing your pet questions, concerns, and problems. 

Doing the Right Thing is Non-Negotiable

Do no harm

We get it: Pet problems can be frustrating, and if someone offers you a quick fix, it can be tempting to try it. However, please think twice before entrusting your dog or cat to anyone who isn't clearly committed to a humane training approach based on the science of positive reinforcement and the primacy of your pet's well-being. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and the "fix" might be worse than the problem it was intended to solve. As a conscious creature capable of suffering, your pet simply deserves better, and a humane approach to behavior issues is essential to maintaining a healthy, trusting, and safe relationship with your pet. 

Be professional

While we believe that helping to bring fun, lightheartedness, and joy back to your relationship with your pet is important (you only need to see our rainbow banner to and the Mega Hearts logo to get a sense of that), we also believe that behavior issues are a serious business. That's why we are committed to continuous education and staying current with the science of animal behavior; adhering to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics; referring to other professionals who may be better situated to help you if we can't.

respect our clients

This ethos extends to treating our clients the way we would want to be treated. We are an all-welcoming, judgment-free service that exists to help you have a better relationship with your pet. Period.

Respect all animals

We support and adhere to the ASPCA's Five Freedoms. All animals should have 1. Freedom from hunger and thirst; 2. Freedom from discomfort; 3. Freedom from pain, injury, and disease; 4. Freedom to express normal behaviors; 5. Freedom from fear and distress. 

BE clear

We strive to be clear about our services and costs, and to provide clear expectations so that you know in advance what will happen and when. We may not always be able to resolve your pet's behavior issues completely, but we usually can help manage them and at least keep them from getting worse. 

Give back 

Giving back to the community is important to us. We believe that helping clients with their pet concerns also helps to keep pets out of rescues and shelters. For the ones that are already there, we are dedicated to helping them find good homes. We volunteer and provide services at reduced rates to low-income clients and non-profit organizations. We are also working locally to improve animal welfare and abuse. 

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