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Let us walk you through our process

We know it can be difficult to get your bearings when it comes to all of the options surrounding pet care, training, and behavior modificaiton. To help make our process as understandable as possible, here are the six basic steps we go through with each client. 

1. Getting in Touch

If you have a basic or general pet care question, or you believe that your pet may have a behavior or training issue, please contact us by phone or email. 

2. Ensuring the right fit

We will spend a few moments learning about your situation to ensure we are in the best position to help. If we can't help, we will refer you to someone who can. 

3. Making everything clear

We will discuss our recommended next steps for working together, including suggested approaches, appointment times and payment options. We require a signed waiver prior to providing advice and training recommendations.

4. Understanding the situation

In a diagnostic interview, we cover your pet's background and medical history; activities and environment; relationship to you, your family, and other pets; and behavior issues. The goal is to understand what is happening and which factors, both past and present, may be contributing to it. 

5. developing a game plan

Once we complete the diagnostic interview with you, we will refer to the relevant scientific literature and consult with colleagues to develop our treatment recommendations. We will present our findings in a written report that we review with you during a follow-up session, usually within a week of the diagnostic interview. 

6. Working together

Working together as a team and staying in touch is important to us. If behavior modification or training sessions are called for beyond the intervention plan, we will coordinate with your schedule to provide hands-on training at our office (located inside of Wildwood Veterinary Clinic) or in your home, or we can work with you to teach you to do what is needed yourself. Either way, we will stay in touch afterward to see how you and your pet are doing. Learn more on our services and rates page.

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