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Helping people and pets live better lives through science!

Only a humane, evidence-based approach using the latest in positive reinforcement techniques from an experienced, compassionate, certified, and insured trainer is good enough for you and your pet! 

What we do

From aggression to unusual behavior, see the many types of dog issues and cat issues we address. You can also get answers to your questions on a variety of pet care topics like exercise, stimulating play, and more!


Meet our behaviorist, Mia Bonadonna. She's committed to doing the right thing for you and your pet. You can trust her education, experience, and dedication to animal welfare.

How we do it

Forget discredited "pack" or "alpha dog" approaches. Our approach is based on science and the primacy of your pet's well-being. We can advise you in your home as well as via phone or video chat.

What to expect

You can rest assured that you'll always know in advance what you will get and what it will cost. We offer consultations, in-depth diagnostics, and training. Interested? Learn how to contact us by phone, email, or our online contact form.

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